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N2 Plus Low Cost Retention Program

Drive 1 Mobile App could cause your customers to purchase a new car

58% of customers state that they don’t return to dealerships because they feel like they would be OVERCHARGED.

– Cox Automotive 2016

On average, a customer visits a service department 2.7 times per year, but only one-third of those visits are to the dealership? Shockingly, 72% of customers opt for third-party mechanics, with 58% citing concerns about overcharging.

To combat this, dealerships can install an N2 Plus Paid Membership Program, which can alter customers’ perceptions about the cost of certain services. Studies have shown that this encourages customers to return to the retailer 63% more often than those without a paid membership program.

N2 Plus VIP Membership Card Program

A perfect way to add value and convenience for your customer while reminding them to come back to you if something goes wrong.


  • Up front pricing reduces customer anxiety.
  • Direct connection to your service department, bypassing receptionist.
  • Dedicated dealership landing page allows for instant price changes to meet market conditions.
  • Customers are 63% more likely to return to dealership for services.
  • Sell more services with less effort.
N2Plus VIP Smartcard and Membership Program