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N2Plus presents the Drive 1 Mobile App
Drive 1 Mobile App could cause your customers to purchase a new car

Customers using a dealer’s app are 73% more likely to purchase a vehicle from the dealership.


All mobile apps are not the same. Manufacturer’s mobile apps enhance the functionality of vehicles for customers, providing features like remote start/stop, door lock/unlock, and navigation systems. These apps offer little benefit to dealerships.

N2 Plus has changed the game! We offer a customizable app designed to enhance the daily functions of Fixed Operations. Our app not only allows the dealership to send factory recommended service alerts and instant notifications of factory recalls, but also allows you to send non-transactional communications such as, sales and service specials, birthday wishes, videos, and invitations to VIP events using push notifications. This allows you the opportunity to have personal communication with your customers more frequently, creating customer loyalty. In addition, you can send customer surveys to ensure customer satisfaction, resulting in increased CSI scores and customer loyalty.


  • More frequent customer communication to increase trust and loyalty through non-transactional communication.
  • Ensure customer convenience with one-touch connection to Contact Dealer and Roadside Assistance and by having instant access to VIN number, making the check-in process easier.
  • Increase CSI scores through sending customer surveys ahead of factory surveys.
  • Keeping CRM database current through recorded contact information changes.
  • Increased referrals through prompting online reviews.
  • Integral part of a dealer drive building a loyalty program for customers.
N2 Plus Drive 1 App for Dealers

Mobile Apps produce a 70% response rate compared to a 5% or less with email marketing.

N2 Plus Drive 1 App for Dealers


Push notifications form the heart of our mobile app tool which sends automated alerts for:

  • Warranty recall notices
  • Scheduled factory maintenance reminders
  • Dealer recommended Sales and service specials
  • Special parts fulfillment notifications
  • Reminders of pre-paid services due
  • Notice of expiring services like factory warranty and Roadside Assistance
  • Notices of dealer events
  • Dealer surveys
  • Plus, non-transactional notices like birthday wishes, welcome, and thank you notices

The average customer has 80 apps downloaded and uses 40 of them daily.


  • Boost Sales – Push notifications remind customers about products and services, including scheduled maintenance, warranty recalls and special deals.
Increase Customer Engagment with the Drive 1 Dealer App
  • Increase customer engagement – Our app provides non-transactional opportunities to engage your customers, increasing customer loyalty.
  • Users prefer mobile apps to desktops – Users spend 7x more time on apps than on a web browser. This increases your visibility and customer awareness daily – just by them scrolling past your app icon.
Reduce Costs with the Drive 1 App from N2 Plus
  • Reduce Costs – Using a mobile app as a means to market your products and services is considerably less expensive than traditional advertising media. Apps can boost employee efficiency by increasing engagement, improving communication, cutting down on busy work, and streamlining data, saving serious money in the long run.
Analytics provided by the Drive 1 App for Dealers
  • Source of Valuable Analytics – Offers a fantastic data mining opportunity to capture customer insights and monitor their behavior. For example, dealers can see which customers are using the app and the customer’s response rate to monthly specials.
The benefit of using the Drive 1 App with the Dealer Factory App